Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's there to do in my neighborhood? Riot, apparently.

(photo courtesy of Reuters)

"Where are you living?"


"Oh yeah, where all the riots are."

That's generally what you'll hear when you mention my neighborhood in conversation. Why there are riots here are pretty simple. The police tore down a vacant building the local anarchists were using as a community center. They've been rioting and trying to take over other buildings ever since. What's particularly amusing to me is that they publish a web page with the exact location of the building they are going to take over a month in advance. I find this a bit mystifying. Of course, the police, who apparently also have internet access (surprise, surprise), are ready for them and a big riot ensues. Anyway, there was one here last night. I didn't hear much other than a few sirens from paddy wagons and 100 people drinking and singing and breaking bottles in the park across the street, but from some news reports, it's sounding like it was a big one:


Aaron78 said...

I miss Nørrebro so much but by the time I'd left the Ungdomshuset brigade were starting to annoy me. I supported their cause right up to the point they came into my stret (Jægersborggade) and carried out dozens of random acts of wanton destruction.

Nice blog, thanks for the link to me. I'll return the favour. Aaron

snooky green said...

No worries.

Yeah, a lot of the accounts I read make it hard to be sympathetic. I heard they were offered the house they were in originally, they just had to get it up to safety code. They couldn't be bothered, so it got torn down. Maybe I am just getting more conservative in my old age, I don't know.