Friday, May 30, 2008

the most honest country in the world

So about a month ago, I got a new camera from my family as a delayed birthday present. (The one is used to take the pictures in the last post.) Today, my roommate was biking into work with it when it dropped out of his pocket. In the case was also my Danish bank card.

After a small heart attack, I headed over to the bank to order a new card. This was all of an hour after he told me. So there I am, sitting in the chair, waiting for a teller when my phone rings. It's my branch of Danske bank. Turns out, someone put my new camera with the bank card through the overnight slot. Camera, card, everything.

Needless to say, if this had happened in the States, that camera would have been long gone. It's days like these that make me really love this country.

So whoever you are anonymous camera returner, thanks for making my day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a couple random pictures

These didn't really fit into the post below, but they seem worth sharing.

Fyn, Jutland and the start of Danish classes. Oh what a few weeks it's been.

Summer has come and life has gotten busy. You know how it goes. Over the recent months I have visited the Danish island of Fyn, went to a 40th birthday party in Jutland where almost no one spoke English, tromped around ruins, trespassed in an abandoned factory and managed to not get thrown off the back of an Italian racing bike. Not to mention the start of Danish classes, the typical summer Friday bars and other agency booze-ups and the general time demands of a career in advertising.

In short, I've been a tad busy.

Things I have noticed in this time:

The Danes do not seem to have any clams. Mussels, yes. Lobster, yes. Clams, no.
(Of course, this means that I have been having clam cravings something fierce.)

The closer you get to the sea in Denmark, the less seafood you seem to be able to order.

No matter how insistent people are about speaking Danish to you and how intensely you try to listen, you are not going to understand them.

You are never too old to get a chuckle out of a sign that says "fart kontrol"

French ice cream is way better than Danish ice cream.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Home again, home again. Jiggety Jig.

So it only took me 48 hours to get back to Denmark and another airline on my sh*tlist. American, you charged me extra to strand me in New York overnight on the way back and didn't even pick up the hotel.

I'd go into more detail, but it's a beautiful day, and I can't be bothered devoting more blog space to them. Suffice it to say, second worst airline experience ever. (The first was American as well. Much despised baggage-losing SAS only rates a distant third, to give you some idea.)

In brighter news, it's a seriously glorious day here in lovely Copenhagen. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and tonight is Friday bar at the agency. If it stays like this, I may never leave Copenhagen again.

As I hate being too negative about anything, here is a list of airlines that have always been a pleasure to fly on:

British Airways
Air France