Thursday, September 4, 2008

All great things come to an end


Today is my last day at Hello. Well, actually last Friday was my last day, but I've been finishing up some projects this week so I've been back in the office quite a bit. I know a lot of people come across this blog who are looking for a job at Hello, so let me just say that my leaving has nothing to do with the agency. It's a great agency, and it was really hard to leave. I was just ready to do something else.

In any case, have spent the last few weeks tying up loose ends, so not had a chance to check in. One good consequence of my leaving is that this blog can go back into stealth mode. It got a bit sanitized once I realized clients were checking it - it's hard not to self-edit when that happens.

I think I will keep my new workplace to myself for that reason for a while. Suffice it to say, few writers are lucky enough to work on a client they are truly passionate about. Now, I am one of them.

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