Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On being the ugly American

So went for dinner to a friend of a friend's house to watch the election. The hosts were kind enough to give me a thorough rundown of the Danish political process, which was definitely very interesting. However, the number of parties and the niceties of percentages of seats is pretty much lost on the child of a two-party system.

Everyone wonders why Americans tend to be more inclined to view things in black or white. Perhaps it is our political system that is to blame. Heck, we can't even get a third party together, let alone 6. That's just too many shades of grey for us to comprehend. And everyone sharing power? Mmm, don't think so. Winner takes all and condemn the losers to four years of suffering. That's the American way.

What was seriously insane was hearing that something like 80% of the people vote here. Think it's around 40% at home. This might be a symptom of the widespread apathy about politics in general that seems to affect the American consciousness. I'd tell you more about the issues at stake, but I was too busy critiquing the hair and outfit choices to pay much attention. (What was up with that leopard print the Prime Minister's wife was wearing?)


Aaron78 said...

I'm warming to this multi-party business. But I think what I like best is that people actually give a fuck here. Got a text last night from a Danish friend fuming that the far-right loons had actually gained a seat. I wish I cared that much about what happens back home. But I couldn't give a monkey's.

snooky green said...

Yeah, when was the last time you saw someone jumping up and down and shouting chants at a headquarters in the States. Wait, they don't, do they? Oh, that's seriously pathetic. I think I've watched more election coverage in one night here than I ever have in the States.

The insets of people driving cracked me up though. They certainly seem to like to watch their politicians going from one place to another.