Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yeah, I totally jinxed myself

Yep, you guessed it. First bike crash. Was on my way to work, doing the bike thing in a skirt and heels and doing just fine, thanks very much. Anyway, I was in the left side of the bike lane and needed to get to the right because my turn off was coming up, but no one would let me in. If you know Copenhagen at all, you know the bike lanes can get pretty crowded of a morning, and Danes, while very nice people in general, can sometimes be a little weird when it comes to lines or rules of the road. Anyway, no one would let me over, tried passing people in front, tried slowing down, finally I saw an opening just big enough and I went for it and the women in front of me hit the brakes. Hit the back of her tire and wham - total wipeout. Grand total: one scraped and swollen knee, one ruined pair of tights (one hour before a big client meeting, no less) and one case of badly injured pride. Could have been worse, I suppose.


Aaron78 said...

Yep, could have been a lot worse! I got sideswiped by some Germans in a 4x4 . . . they were on a cycling holiday as well!!! That feeling as I flew through the air . . something else.

It's part of life here, a badge of honour I reckon. But I hope you heal quick just the same, and that you're not discouraged from using your bike.

snooky green said...

Thanks, Aaron.

Nah, I was back up and tearing around on the beast this evening. It made it through remarkably unscathed actually. Love my crappy bike. Got it at the police auction. Had to bid for it in Danish, no less. Got a crash course in Danish numbers from the woman next to me about 10 min before the bike came up for auction, which was seriously cool of her. But I still wasn't completely sure until I actually paid how much I was spending.

Sarah said...

Hi! I am assuming you are an American in Denmark?! I am too! I can totally relate to your blog. Especially about the victoriously biking in heels and the nutiness of the morning commute (H.C. Andersen going towards Tivoli from the lakes can be particularly bad... ugh!) I have, however, managed to grab a paper... twice now! I'm still working on getting the right one. I swear, the MetroExpress guy never stands in the same place! They do it to screw with me... I know it.

Anyways, what a ramble. Keep up the good blogging! :)

snooky green said...

Thanks, Sarah. So you read Danish? If so, you are way ahead of me in that respect. I know a strange assortment of random words, none of which are particularly useful in everyday conversation.

Loic said...

Hey, you see ;) Just expose some naked flesh and people will comment !!! :D