Sunday, December 9, 2007

too old for this crap

Think it's time for another self-imposed Ruby's ban.

For those of you who don't know, Ruby's is the default agency bar. A night that starts at Ruby's usually ends up at this after-hours bar that I never remember the name of, which I think has some association to jazz and which closes well after the night before should have become the morning after. I always tell myself I won't end up there. I am always wrong.

Some people can carry off the hard-partying lifestyle well into their 30somethings (JB, this means you.) However, for others of us, this is not such a good idea. I am definitely in the second camp. For me, this means I will crawl into bed Saturday morning and stay there, reading and sleeping alternately until Sunday.

Lost weekend, indeed.

For those of you who can booze happily until the sun comes up, be sure to check out JB's DJ set Thursday nights at Liar's club next time you are in Chicago.

JB, it's up to you to carry the torch for the rest of us. I think I am turning mine in.